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2017: Big Things are Happening!

2017: Making a comeback

I know I’ve been on a hiatus from writing, and I apologize. When I started The Anxious Hippie MKE, I took on more than I can handle. I thought I could consistently write three blog entries a week. Since going back to work, hitting the gym regularly, and having a busy social calendar I wasn’t able to keep up. To my readers, I’m sorry I let you down.

But, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up! Yes, I’m still here. I am still alive. No, I didn’t jump off the face of the earth. Instead or three posts per week, I’m going to be posting one a week. I haven’t decided which day but, I’m leaning towards Sunday.
Depending on how busy I am, you might find bonus posts throughout the week.

My main focus is still going to be anxiety and mental health. But, there’s going to be some changes to the type of blog posts I share. Though I will continue sharing content related to mental health, I realized I want this blog to be more of a lifestyle blog. Recently I made some positive changes to improve my health both physically and mentally, and want to share my experiences.

With a new year comes New Years resolutions. I’m not one to set concrete resolutions. Rather, I like to set goals for myself. These goals sometimes change throughout the year.

One of my goals is to continue growing my blog throughout 2017. For this reason I decided that posting once a week is the best option for me. Like anyone, I don’t want to overwhelm myself. But, I still want to continue writing.

Content coming in 2017

Easy tips for Healthy Eating
Clean Eating
Money Management and how to Make Extra Income
Working with Anxiety
Health and Fitness
Product Reviews
Developing a Minimalist Wardrobe
Becoming a Morning Person

Recently I signed up for BzzAgent, so I will be receiving products from them throughout the year to review. I do not receive a commission for reviewing products from them. But, I will only review products I’m interested in trying. Lastly, all views and opinions will be my own. I’m also signed up for Influenster, where I will also receive products to try free of charge.

I’ll also continue sharing natural remedies and DIYs throughout 2017. I also hope to periodically post videos on my YouTube Channel. Lastly, I won’t forget to mention my book. I will be publishing

    The Art of Letting Go

in 2017.

Again, I apologize for being inactive the past few weeks. I’m rarely on facebook anymore either. But, I promise to be present in 2017 and better than ever. If you’re still following my blog, thanks in advance. I’ve I’ve let you down, I apologize.
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