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Do you need help managing your anxiety. Maybe you know someone who suffers from Anxiety. After living with anxiety for many years I wanted to help others.

Below I listed several resources. Not only do I share my personal experiences with anxiety but, I research all treatment options. I’m always looking for new methods to manage my anxiety. Also, I hope this information helps you too. From experiences with medication to natural remedies, I hope you find this information useful.

Medication helps balance the chemicals in your brain. But, it is important to learn valuable coping skills that work with your medication. Therapy helps. So do meditation and mindfulness. Listed below you will also find articles written on those topics. When you have anxiety it’s important to follow a treatment plan. Letting your anxiety go un-diagnosed and untreated leads to complications later on. Trust me, Anxiety led me to some dark places. But, I won’t let it defeat me and neither should you.