About Me

Denise14034724_10208903506297258_9172446976853481461_n Toomey is the owner of Anxious Hippie MKE. She is 26 years old and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a writer, minimalist, and a crazy cat lady. In her free time she enjoys loom knitting, making jewelry, and writing. She is passionate about, minimalism, natural skincare, and beauty routines. She also lives with anxiety and depression. Her mission is to share her experiences with mental illness in hope that she will be able to help others take control of their lives. Be it medication, therapy, or home remedies Denise has experience with all of the above.

Currently Denise works in childcare but, she is also an aspiring freelance writer. She has created to blog to showcase her writing to the world and help others. While sharing her trials and tribulations in mental illness she also plans to share how changing her lifestyle helped with her anxiety. She is also [assionate about sharing product reviews on items that have brought her joy as well as items that didn’t work out so well. This crazy cat lady currently has 4 cats named Snow, Boots, Toast, and Velcro. When she is with friends she enjoys, working out, playing card/ board games, and drinking wine.

Denise is deathly afraid of burdock and centipedes even though she enjoys horror movies. She’d also much rather stay overnight in a haunted house than walk along a path of burdock. Her dislikes include 2 party politics, ignorance, lying, and false accusations.